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Tarball: criu-2.0.tar.bz2
Version: 2.0
Released: 7 Mar 2016
GIT tag: v2.0

New features[edit]

  • New code layout for sub-projects (e.g. Compel)
  • Unprivileged dump
  • Dump/check cpuinfo support for PPC
  • Explorers for CRIT
  • Added "post-setup-namespaces" to action scripts
  • Added timeout for dump procedure (5 sec by default)
  • Ability to override LSM profile on restore with CLI/RPC option
  • External bind mounts can be fs-root mounts too
  • Skip netns' internals on dump and restore (for Docker integration)
  • Advanced support for external files
  • C/R for
    • Mode and uid/gid of cgroup files and dirs
    • Freeze cgroup state (frozen/thawed)
    • Task's loginuid and oom score
    • Per-thread credentials
    • Filter mode of seccomp
    • Ghost file in removed directory
    • Ghost files lutimes
    • Binfmt-misc FS contents
    • Netfilter conntracks and expectations
    • Multi-headed cgroups
    • CGroup namespaces (no nesting)


  • Align parasite stack on 16 bits for correctness
  • Compilation with native libc syscall wrappers and helpers
  • Parasite code injection done via memfd system call
  • Make vaddr to pfn conversion with one less syscall
  • CRIT shows device numbers in "maj:min" manner
  • CRIT shows mmap's status in verbose
  • Docker files for builds on all supported arches


  • Absent readlink syscall on ARM (use readlinkat instead) could cause dump to fail
  • Wrong argument to timer_create system call could cause restore to crash
  • Extra tasks in freeze cgroup caused dump to fail/hand/crash
  • Unaligned restore-time object allocations caused lock operations to fail
  • Opened /proc/pid dir of dead task failed the dump
  • Unaligned stacks caused criu to fail on aarch64
  • Changed device numbers on restore side could cause random failures
  • Fixes in mount points sharing/slavery/propagation restore
  • Race between mntns creation and fds closing in different tasks could cause restore to fail
  • Hard kernel limit on TCP repair recv queue restore could cause big queue restore to fail
  • Unconnected dgram UNIX socket with data lost packets on restore
  • CRIT didn't show IPC objects
  • CRIT didn't convert IP addresses in images
  • Logs from PIE code contained corrupted addresses and sizes
  • Not loaded netfilter modules could cause dump/restore to stuck on dumping netlink socket
  • Shared external mounts were restored with error


  • User-mode
  • When checking for namespaces' CRIU entered userns with host creds


  • Completely removed 'show' action. Use CRIT instead.