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component task assignee comments
crtools Page transfer filters Ruslan Kuprieiev Packing or encrypting the data would be nice
crtools FUSE -
crtools 32-bit tasks Cyrill
crtools Support one of MPI implementations Adrian Reber worth starting with OpenMPI
crtools Generate task's core file out of images - -
crtools Convert images to JSON and back - -
crtools Modify restored resources run-time - Need (probably) some way to alter what is being restored. Usage example -- change the IP address of sockets from task above.
crtools TCP socket migration with changed IP - it might make sense to migrate a tcp connection on a box with changed IP address _if_ both boxes are NAT-ed to the destination. We will then have to go to NAT box and fix the conntracks, but this might make sense.
crtools Applying images xemul@ w/ students Think about ability to take images and apply them to a living task(s). E.g. -- repopulate fdtable according to data from image. Another use-case -- when doing partial migration we'll need to modify one part to switch from pipes to sockets
crtools Partial migration - migrate some tasks while proxying IPC to existing others (pipes->sockets, etc.)
crtools Shared objects (mm/fs) support - Now we have the kcmp syscall and can do it. The first candidate is mm sharing, as we do know, that MySQL does so sometimes.
crtools Smart paths resolution - Need a way to resolve paths to overmounted files. There are two ways: 1. Move mounts, that overlap the desired path temprarily. 2. When creating a new mount pre-open an fd keeping the mountpoint. Later, do accurate path resolve and call openat() on proper mountpoint fd
kernel/crtools TCP repair fixes - TCP repair TODO
crtools Bridges in container -
crtools VLANs in containers -
crtools PPP support -
crtools/kernel DelayFS for NFS/Fuse migration -
kernel Seamless kernel upgrade Vladimir Davydov
crtools/kernel NFS -
crtools Validate .img files - For a given set of image files check, that they are in "restorable" shape
crtools Restore a process tree - Need to restore any process tree, which could be created with help PR_SET_CHILD_SUBREAPER and CLONE_PARENT. Processes can share other resources clone(2). Look at session02
crtools X app - Dump/restore of graphical applications
kernel Undo semaphores Cyrill Gorcunov Require mods from both sides -- criu and kernel
crtools More detailed RPC fail codes - Currently only success = false is reported :(
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