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Tarball: criu-2.10.tar.bz2
Version: 2.10 "Brass Waxwing"
Released: 16 Jan 2017
GIT tag: v2.10

New features[edit]


  • Logs cleaned up (removed bunch of useless, fixed '\n' in perrors)
  • Action scripts errors are printed in logs
  • Removed several iovec-s copying over the pagemap code
  • Restore degraded linearly on Xen guests. Breakpoints disabled until solution


  • Py bindings fault on restore error delivery
  • Fd leaked on file restore error path
  • Fd leaked when restoring invisible files (gets closed with criu exit though)
  • Link remap restore could fail on kernels 4.8 and higher
  • Impossible to restore after restore error with link remap file in images
  • When going daemon a descriptor could be leaked
  • Custom setting of mmap_min_addr could make restore to fail
  • Sending pages over UNIX socket could race and fail with EAGAIN
  • Error getting ID of /proc/pid/ns/foo link not propagated and could result in bogus NS ID generated